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RE: Official Pride Party Promoter Status 2009

DATE: April 15th 2009

For more than a decade, through both Bill Hardt Presents and Powerhouse Productions, I have had the great honor of being The Official San Diego Pride Party Promoter in conjunction with San Diego Pride. Both PowerHouse Productions and then Bill Hardt Presents have donated 15% of profit from San Diego Pride events to the San Diego Pride Committee for their charitable distribution.  Through last year, we contributed $ 193,116 through ticket sales and profit sharing.

This year, the SDL&GP Committee has made a decision to alter the process and procedure by which an outside company can become an “Officially Sanctioned San Diego Pride Event”. Within the new process and procedure, the rates of donation have changed. To be an “Officially Sanctioned Event” during Pride this year, 15% of retail price of the ticket value must be donated back to Pride. This new policy could cause an “Official” Producer to have a financial liability of approximately $ 45,000.00 to Pride. In Producing these events for 11 years, and knowing what these events can make, the new structure could potentially cause extreme financial hardship to a Producer and therefore jeopardize the series of parties that our patrons have supported and enjoyed throughout the years. 

After a careful and thorough evaluation, we have decided not to participate in the new program and therefore our events held concurrent with San Diego Pride will not be designated as an “Official” event.  It is our position that this is not the time given the current economic conditions to raise fees for events.  In fact, our goal is to do everything we can to continue and enhance our events while maintaining ticket prices that are accessible to our supporters and patrons.

Bill Hardt Presents will continue to donate a percentage of the profitable proceeds to a non profit 501 C3, Gay & Lesbian organization within the San Diego area. Our commitment to our community will stand strong and proud, and we will not waiver to give back. We have not finalized how or whom will receive our donation from your ticket purchases, but we are looking at a few very promising options in ways that will endow our community for many years to come. Please visit our philanthropy page in the left menu bar for updates to San Diego Community Donations from our events.

While we have decided not to participate as the official party promoter for the San Diego Lesbian & Gay Pride Committee, we will continue to support their efforts by keeping our website links and promotion of the festival & parade.  We appreciate and value everything they have done, and will continue to do in this community. We have enjoyed each year and the outstanding team of community volunteers and staff we have had the opportunity to work with, from Mandy Schultz, to Sue Anne Pauley and finally Ron De Hart.

However, this decision will result in changes for our patrons.  Beginning in 2009, the Bill Hardt Presents VIP ticket will no longer include a two day festival entrance which must be purchased separately form San Diego Pride and or it’s approved retailers. For further information, please follow this link to the San Diego Pride Website at  Our Pride parties will continue and improve with extraordinary DJ talent and production at the superior levels our patrons have come to expect over the years.

Thank you and we will look forward to seeing you all at Pride 2009!


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