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OCT 21 – Danny Verde’s Remix of Lady Gaga’s YOU AND I  is the #1 most downloaded  on iTUNES of all the official  remixes, and #1 on the BIllboard Dance Music Chart!!! As if that wasn’t enough, on the same chart, his remix of Eva’s Ashes is climbing as well!!! Jump three months to JAN 09, 2012, and Verde’s SECOND CONSECUTIVE Single with Lady Gaga , MARRY THE NIGHT, also tops  at #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart, at the same time  that  Rosabel’s  LET ME BE MYSELF( on which one of the supporting remixes is Verde’s) ,  is at # 18. FEB 19, Verde scores another hit with Neon Hitch’s FUCK U BETTA which debuts #8 on Billboard Dance, and reaches #1 by first week of March.

Danny Verde is a musical prodigy who has worked in all aspects of music; including house, dance-pop production, DJ, song-writing and vocalist. He lives just outside Milan in Northern Italy, where his recording studio “Holab Studio” has been home to many collaborations with international labels, artists, and producers.

Danny has participated in more than 50 productions from 1994 to the present-spanning house to pop music. His first big success was with the Italian S.M.S. project, which produced two hit singles, including, “La Vie C'est Fantastique" in 2001, which was number 1 on the official Italian dance chart, as well as the follow up, "Just A Bit Of Chaos", which reached both number 1 in Italy and Brasil on Time Records. 

His next project was the huge international single  "La Isla Bonita", a cover of the classic Madonna tune. The song was issued under the band name SQUEEZE UP and was published in more than 20 countries. The hit made it into the top 10 singles chart in France and was supported by a videoclip shot in Marbella, Spain. SQUEEZE UP'S next single was another Madonna cover, “Who’s That Girl”, and was licensed in Scandinavia, Japan, Russia and Greece.

In 2008 Danny released the house track "Pushin To The Top"; in collaboration with The Halmadaxx Team and with the help of International DJ’s reached number 1 on the Ministry Of Sound download chart; number 1 on the chart and was top 10 on the Beatport progressive house chart.

Thanks to massive support from the hottest DJ's in Europe, above all in Spain and the UK,  “Pushin To The Top” reached also number 1 on the Matinče Group DJ's chart (Barcelona), which is one of the largest club promoter’s group in the world.  "Pushin To The Top" has been officially released in Italy, Spain, America, Russia, Switzerland and Portugal.

From that moment on, many important international labels and artists are hiring Danny to do remixes of their current productions, including: Tommy Boy Records (New York), Kult Records (New York), Interlabel (Germany), Blanco y Negro (Spain), Divucsa (Spain), Blake Lewis (American Idol U.S.), Pagano DJ (London), Andrea Carnell (New York), G-Martin (Matinče Group), Taito Tikaro (Matinče Group), Hector Fonseca (Star 69 New York) etc.

Danny's remixes consistently land in the top of the charts and are played in clubs worldwide. His mix of the anthem hit  “Open Up Your Heart” produced for the top American singer Andrea Carnell, was included in the “Subliminal Sessions” compilation put together by the legendary dj/producer Erick Morillo, for the prestigious UK label Defected / Strictly Rhythm.

In 2009 Danny released his last single “Express Yourself”, in cooperation with the renowned international dj Phil Romano and performed by the english singer Anna Buckley, that was at the top of the most important downloading stores charts as Masterbeat (U.S), Djdownload (U.K.) and Beatport (U.S.).

Moreover, he was hired to do a remix for Tommy Boy Records (New York), the legendary label of Junior Vasquez and Queen Latifah in the 90’s, for the single “Heartbreak on Vinyl’” by Blake Lewis (from the US TV program American Idol 2007), that went to number 1 in the official Billboard Dance Chart U.S in 2010.

Danny is currently in the worldwide charts with the new 2011 package remixes of his anthem “Pushin To The Top”, “ You and I “ , and Eva’s “ Ashes” New bomb remixes coming soon as: Katy Perry “Peacock”  (Hector Fonseca & Danny Verde Remix) & Blake LewisTill We See The Sun” (Danny Verde Remix) .

December , 2011 sees  another Tommyboy  release  which Danny has contributed to….Superstars ROSABEL’s  Let Me Be Myself “  featuring Tamara Wallace…. Remixes by Danny, Rosabel, and  Chus , of Spain’s famed Chus and Ceballo.

A staple on the European Dance Circuit, 2010-11 has proved to be a huge season for Danny in South America, where he has played literally every major city in Brazil…. in less than one year. Danny already has quite a roster of US venues already lined up for 2012!

This is the year of DJ/Producer Danny Verde!

The success of Danny's productions has propelled him into Dj'ing at the world's most prestigious events and clubs, including:

  • Jungle                     ( Atlanta)
  • Winter Party Fest   (Miami)
  • Paradise                    (Hawaii)
  • Fly                               (Toronto)
  • Circus                        (Vienna)
  • Divers/Citč 2010 (Montreal)
  • Friction  (Los Angeles)
  • Maxima   (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Concorde Club (Florianopolis, Brazil)
  • Hell or Heaven  (Costa Do Sauipe)
  • Bubu Disco  (San Paulo)
  • The Week                   (Sao Paulo) 
  • Josephine  (Belo Horizonte)
  • Nation    (Leňn, Mexico)
  • BlackCherry  (Guadalajara, Mexico)
  • Revolution  / Velvet (Mexico City)
  • Pink Party                 (Mexico City)
  • White Party              (Amsterdam) 
  • Circuit Festival  (Barcelona)
  • DBoy                            (Barcelona)
  • SaturGay                  (Barcelona)
  • Space of Sound (Madrid)
  • Supemartxč   (London)
  • Matinče London (London)
  • London Global Dance Festival (London)
  • Revolver                       (London)
  • Scream / Mix Club        (Paris)
  • After Tomate  (Paris)
  • Les Bains  (Paris)
  • La Demence  (Bruxelles)
  • Gus Deluxe/ Red & Blue (Antwerp)
  • Ambassader Club (Stockholm)
  • Rocco                           (Copenhagen)
  • WE Party  (Rome)
  • Muccassassina (Rome)
  • Gorgeous I Am            (Rome)
  • Billy Club                     (Milan)
  • Barbarella Club (Milan)
  • Night Control  (Cologne)
  • CK Studio   (Frankfurt)
  • Wonk                            (Malmo)
  • Discoteque  (Moscow)
  • Propaganda                 (Moscow)
  • Zona Club                    (Moscow)



  • Halmadaxx & Danny Verde - Pushin To The Top 2011 Remixes [Mystery Records 2011]
  • Danny Verde & Phil Romano feat. Anna Buckley - Express Yourself [Mystery Records 2009]
  • Francesco Belais & Danny Verde feat. Anna Buckley - Billy Boy [Mystery Records 2009]
  • Danny Verde - The Best Remixes EP [Benvenuto 2009]
  • Halmadaxx & Danny Verde - Pushin To The Top [Mystery Records 2008]
  • Squeeze Up - Who's That Girl [Discowax/Dance Paradise/Planetworks 2007]
  • Squeeze Up feat. Teishan and Rod Fame - La Isla Bonita [Time 2005]
  • SMS - Rockin Generation [Universal 2004]
  • SMS - Escandalo [Time 2003]
  • SMS feat. Rehb - Just A Bit Of Chaos [Time 2002]
  • SMS feat. Rehb - Amor Bijoux Bijoux [Time 2002]
  • SMS feat. Rehb - La Vie C'est Fantastique [Time 2001]
  • Danny Verde - Day By Day [Do It Yourself 2001]
  • Greenhouse feat. Geridau - All I Need [Do It Yourself 2000]
  • Martina - Crazy For You [Time 2000]
  • Unsex feat. Sandy - I Love You Baby [Bull and Butcher 1994]
  • Deely.B.Dine - Love Me Hold Me [Bull and Butcher 1994]


  • Neon Hitch – Fuck U Betta ( Danny Verde Remix)
  • Lady Gaga – Marry the Night ( Danny Verde Remix)
  • Lady Gaga- You and I  ( Danny Verde Remix)
  • Rosabel – Let Me be Myself ( Danny Verde Remix)
  • Katy Perry – Peacock (Hector Fonseca & Danny Verde Remix) [to be released]
  • Eva – Ashes (Danny Verde Remix)
  • Blake Lewis – Till We See The Sun (Danny Verde Remix) [to be released]
  • Thomas Anders – Stay With Me (Danny Verde Remix) [Mystery Records 2010]
  • Blake Lewis - Heartbreak On Vinyl (Danny Verde Remix) [Tommy Boy Records 2010]
  • Taito Tikaro, J. Louis & Ferran feat. Clarence - Today Is My Day (Danny Verde Remix) Matinče Recordings 2009]
  • Pagano & Wayne G feat. Peyton – Trapped (Danny Verde Remix)  [Kult Records 2009]
  • G-Martin & Alex Barroso feat. Rebeka Brown - This Is My Life (Danny Verde Remix) [Houseworks 2009]
  • Blow-Up - Let Me See Your Underwear (Danny Verde Remix) [Mystery Records 2009]
  • Pagano feat. Stewart Who? - Back To The Future (Danny Verde Remix) [Kult Records 2009]
  • Paola Iezzi - Alone (Marco Bastianon & Danny Verde Remix) [Trepertre Records 2009]
  • Karmin Shiff & Inusa Dawuda - Party People (Danny Verde Remix) [Interlabel 2009]
  • Andrea Carnell - Open Up Your Heart (Danny Verde Mix) (Kult Records / Mystery Records 2008)
  • Musetta - Red Star (Marco Bastianon & Danny Verde Remix) (Irma Records 2008)