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Bill Hardt began producing the San Diego Lesbian & Gay Pride Parties in 1997. Since that time, Bill Hardt and his companies have continuously donated money back to the Gay & Lesbian Community in various ways. This is a company philosophy that permeates Bill Hardt Presents. We believe strongly in giving back that which has been given to us.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped make our donations possible. It is YOU who is actually making the difference, YOU who keeps us going in a positive direction to continually look for ways to enrich and support our community.

In 2008 Bill Hardt Presents chose the San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative as the recipient of the 15% of profit donation from your patronage. Please follow the link below to see how your patronage turned our donation, with help of a matching grant from the Elton John Aids Foundation, submitted by the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation, into a seven times greater amount of revenue to help our bothers and sisters.

Below are links to the various charities that we are currently working with. Your ticket purchases to our events have made this possible. To date, this is the total amount we have been able to donate back to the Gay Community to all the organizations below:

$ 463,651.90

On behalf of my company and my staff,

THANK YOU for the opportunity to be of service,

Bill Hardt, Executive Producer

The San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative

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